Monday, July 20, 2009

Read but not reviewed - Where Do I start?

I haven't posted many reviews lately but I have been reading. Eleven books are staring at me accusingly, wondering why they have been neglected.

Help a blogger out and leave a comment if there are titles you would like me to review first. I could approach the stack alphabetically by author but that's a bit dull. I would like to write about them before I forget what I read.

  • Bolton, S.J. - Awakening

  • Brewer, Gil - Wild to Possess/A Taste for Sin

  • Connelly, Michael - The Scarecrow

  • Fairstein, Linda (ed.) - The Prosecution Rests. Short stories about courtrooms, criminals, and the law.

  • McKinty, Adrian - Fifty Grand

  • Miller, Wade - The Killer/Devil on Two Sticks.

  • Padura, Leonardo - Havana Black. A police detective story set in Cuba and written by a Cuban.

  • Rabe, Peter - Murder Me for Nickels/Benny Muscles In

  • Sallis, James - Cripple Creek

  • Stahl, Jerry - Pain Killers

  • Van der Vlugt, Simone - The Reunion

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Free Book - Bury Me Deep by Megan Abbott

I find myself with two copies of Megan Abbott's latest novel, Bury Me Deep. Megan is one of my favorite authors and I would like to share the pleasure of reading her book.

That's a wonderful cover, isn't it? I've only read a little bit but I would say it conveys the mood of the story very well.

If you would like an opportunity to get a copy, send me email at malundy (at) gmail (dot) com with "Abbott Give-Away in the subject. You know how to turn it into a good email address. This offer is open to anyone (except relatives) with a terrestrial address and postal service and closes at 2359 EDT (GMT -4) on Sunday, July 18. I will try to get one of the cats to draw a name.

On the front cover Laura Lippman writes
Bury Me Deep extends an already jaw-dropping winning streak, showcasing Abbott's gorgeous prose and clear-eyed empathy.

From the back cover:
In October 1931, a station agent found two large trunks abandoned in Los Angele's Southern Pacific Station. What he found inside ignited one of the most scandalous tabloid sensations of the decade.

Inspired by this notorious true crime, Edgar-winning author Megan Abbott's novel, Bury me Deep is the story of Marion Seeley, a young woman abandoned in Phoenix by her doctor husband. At the medical clinic where she finds a job, Marion becomes fast friends with Louise, a vivacious nurse, and her roommate, Ginny, a tubercular blonde. Before long, the demure Marion is swept up in the exuberant life of the girls, who supplement their scant income by entertaining the town's most powerful men with wild parties. At one of these parties, Marion meets Joe Lanigan, a local rogue and politician on the rise, whose ties to all three women brings events to a dangerous collision.

A story born of Jazz Age decadence and Depression-era desperation, Bury Me deep--with its hothouse of jealousy, illicit sex and shifting loyalities--is a timeless portrait of the dark side of desire and the glimmer of redemption.
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